Smile and the world smiles with you

An infant smiling in his sleep. The sound of children laughing. Teenagers huddled around a laptop all giggling shyly at the picture of a cute guy. A couple at a table happily looking into each others’ eyes as they chuckle about an inside joke. A warm smile or the titillating sound of laughter is without doubt the universal language of happiness. How can one not get drawn to it! Ever had a really bad day only to run into someone that smiles at you? You feel it warming you up too. You want to and do smile back. Maybe even nod to acknowledge them as if to say thank you.

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“Laila’s Escort Services…”

“I’ll see you when I come back next month, love.” Joe said as he shrugged on his jacket and wrapped a wool scarf around his neck. He was a smart dresser and Laila enjoyed his company. He always treated her like a lady and in addition to her body, he genuinely appreciated her sharp mind. Laila pulled on her red satin robe, her perky breasts stretched against the fabric and walked him to the door. “Stay warm, love.” she said fondly “I’ll see you soon” she added as he let himself out.

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I’m a homebody!

I’ve been away from home going on 2 weeks now. A week in New Orleans with a day to be back home and then off to LA for another week of offsite meetings. I’ve never been away from home this long with the exception of my trips to India. That doesn’t really qualify though since my parents’ house was ideally my very first home anyway.

Being on the road all the time, sleeping in hotel beds and eating prepared food sounded like fun when I used to consider consulting jobs. Work Monday through Thursday, be home for the weekend and off again. Seemed adventurous. But actually doing it has made me realize, I’m a homebody.

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New Orleans or N’awlins as the natives call it, is a little slice of heaven on earth. To call it a melting pot would be an understatement. It is a massive bubbling cauldron of joie de vivre that often spills over and you cannot but get swept up in it all. From the inebriated, bead-laden adventures of Bourbon Street to the heartwarming street performers to the mouthwatering Cajun and Creole cuisine, this little city knows how to appreciate life!

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Altruism: Are we all programmed differently?

The first time I heard the word “altruism”, I thought it was someone who plays truant all the time. Guess there was enough onomatopoeia happening there for me to assume that. Just to be doubly sure though, I looked it up in the dictionary and imagine my surprise when I found out that altruism meant “unselfish concern”. It had nothing to do with truancy. OK then!

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The Folklore Food Blog: Cooking Can Empower!

This is a great article on how to get your children interested in prepping and cooking. It also helps provide a platform to bond with your child especially give daily rigamarole.

The Folklore Food Blog


By cooking with our children, we create associative memories of family togetherness and create some deep emotional bonds. There are seven primary learning styles, but one has been forgotten the 8th teaching method, olfactory. The olfactory bulb has direct access to the amygdala, which processes emotion, and the hippocampus, which is responsible for associative learning.
Who remembers mom’s cookies, grandma’s pies, the roasting turkey of Thanksgiving? Smells, the olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, an area closely associated with memory and feeling it’s sometimes called the “emotional brain.” The smell can call up memories and powerful responses almost instantaneously. By cooking wonderful aromatic foods, we can create positive memories for our children, and by association, we can create positive memories of math, science, history, language and arts. Like the eighth wonder of the world, I add olfactory to standard seven methods of teaching.

The methods to be…

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