Pictures are worth a thousand words. Or is it also emojis in this day and age? The plethora of emojis available out there for each of us to use to share our emotions is astounding. For someone like me who loves using emojis and animated emoticons, it is expression heaven! Yet I had not heard of World Emoji Day until today.

I’m not a big fan of forced national days like National Strawberry Shortcake Day or National Tickle Day. I might still use it to my advantage (wink wink) but I know even as I am exploiting it, that there is nothing “National” about it. So I was perplexed by this World Emoji Day celebration. I figured it was probably the day the first ever emoji was invented. How cool would that be! The day that started my out-of-control addiction! 🙂

So obviously I did what I do best – I googled. It has nothing to do with emojis per se. It was the date iCal was first introduced back in 2002 on Mac with the 📅 logo and since 2014 has also been celebrated as World Emoji Day!

Companies have helped further proliferate this by using this day, July 17th, to now host emoji-based promotions. For example, Dominos allowing customers to use the pizza emoji to order pizza. Later this year Apple is releasing promotional emojis like a sandwich, a bearded man, a yogi, a zombie and much much more. Long gone are the days of the standard palate with the smiley, weepy and grumpy round yellow faces!

I’m sure my friends and family will be ecstatic about being bombarded with more emojis than usual! I for one am as excited as a kid in a candy store. Wait! Is there an emoji for that??


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