I’m a homebody!

I’ve been away from home going on 2 weeks now. A week in New Orleans with a day to be back home and then off to LA for another week of offsite meetings. I’ve never been away from home this long with the exception of my trips to India. That doesn’t really qualify though since my parents’ house was ideally my very first home anyway.

Being on the road all the time, sleeping in hotel beds and eating prepared food sounded like fun when I used to consider consulting jobs. Work Monday through Thursday, be home for the weekend and off again. Seemed adventurous. But actually doing it has made me realize, I’m a homebody.

I miss my home, miss my people, miss my dogs and just miss that feeling of belonging. I am thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing here but going home to an empty hotel room when I leave work is pretty dampening? Guess I won’t be taking on any jobs that need weekly travels unless it’s as a travel blog or food blog writer. Then I’m game! 😉

I fly back tomorrow and I am excited. After 2 weeks away, home base is calling my name!


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