Sigourney Weaver and all things Alien

Sigourney Weaver. For me, that name is synonymous with Alien movies. As a teenager, I devoured those movies with passion. While other girls my age were watching chick flicks, I was watching Sigourney wear space suits and fight aliens with dripping saliva and chomping double jaws. There was a grit, a resilience to her that captivated me. I’ve watched her Alien movies SO MANY TIMES that seeing anyone other than her in one made me morose.

Sigourney will be 68 this year on October 8th. I can’t believe it! I guess she’s long since given up fighting creatures from another galaxy, and movie producers have moved on to other actors for their new alien movies. More evil aliens, younger alien fighters. For me though, SW will always hold a special place.

For the longest time, I refused to watch any other movies she starred in because I thought it would taint her Ellen Ripley image etched in my brain. Then I watched “The Village” and unbeknownst to me, Sigourney was in it. She played the role of Joaquin Phoenix’s mother. See! I was right. Alien movies only! That is the sole non-alien movie I have seen of her since. And I continue to boycott any others, which, brings me to today.

Alien Covenant, directed by Ridley Scott was just released across the US May 19th. Its predecessor Prometheus, also another Ridley direction, I was told was a must-watch before going for the Covenant. Neither have my beloved Sigourney in it. Why then am I feeling this intense need to watch the Covenant? Have I finally outgrown my SW phase?

I feel so unfaithful because I’ve already made my mind up about watching the Covenant, so I had to bite the bullet and also watch Prometheus. At least Noomi Rapace came to my rescue. A distant but relatively acceptable replacement for the legend. Michael Fassbender was a good addition too. 😉 So now that I’ve been re-indoctrinated into the Alien series, I guess I’m ready and amped up to watch Covenant. Maybe this weekend? Yes!! Sorry Sigourney, I still revere you but I think I am ready to move on.


6 thoughts on “Sigourney Weaver and all things Alien

    1. Oh I haven’t gotten that far yet. I need to build up resilience to watch her elsewhere. Although I did watch Gorillas in the Mist and I absolutely loved it. So there is hope! I am a diehard Marvel fan so that might be my way to dip my toe back into non-alien Sigourney waters. Haha. Thank you again for reading my feedback and your feedback!

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