Hu doesn’t like yellow

Yellow. The color of sunshine. The color of summer and happiness. The color of youth. Yellow has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. My steady favorite that is. My preferences have changed to other bright colors like oranges, greens, violets and purples but whenever I see a bright yellow I cannot but reach for it.

I’m not sure where or how this love started. I’ve asked my mom and although she dressed me in bright colors as a child, she doesn’t remember yellow being the primary color of my wardrobe. Over the years though, my favorite outfits, favorite foods, favorite items of decor around the house, even bedsheets have been varying shades of yellow. So no surprise there when I buy my dog a yellow bandana.

Hu doesn’t seem too impressed though. I think yellow on black makes him look mighty handsome. He looks positively distressed and doesn’t think I should shop for him anymore. Guess he doesn’t share his mommy’s taste in color. 🙂


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