Evolving with time…

Today is National Nutty Fudge Day. Who knew fudge had a day designated to it! The me 6-7 years ago would have run out and bought some, just because I needed an excuse for it. Haha. The me today just cringed her nose. I thought that was amusing given I am a nut and at least I used to be a fudge lover. Does it have sugar? Gimme!

There must be some advantages of growing older. Age helps you lose your less healthy tendencies although I’m not old enough yet (yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) to attain nirvana in the healthy food department. I love fruits and veggies but I also love me a dark chocolate cake. Or that really orange octopus-shaped sugar cookie from Starbucks. Only those cravings are few and far between now. Thank God!

So I sat down to retrospect…yes, brought on by my lack of enthusiasm for fudge. So many of my preferences, habits and tastes have changed over the years. I no longer try hard to get people to like me. I never understood when someone older than me told me it would happen once I hit a certain age. BAM! It did. If you like me great, if not, that’s fine too.

I could wake up from a deep sleep to drink water or use the restroom and could go right back into it. There were times I even continued my dream from my broken sleep cycle. Now a little bit of light or sound or my feet touching the ground will quickly remove all sleep from my system, which means often times I either lay wide awake staring at the ceiling, counting sheep , or holding in my need to go to the restroom so I can get a couple more hours of shuteye.

When my grandmother told me how she didn’t like something she did as a child, I’d often wonder, amused at how that can be. If you like it as a child, you’re taking it to the grave with you, no? I know better now. I’ve grown, evolved and moved on from so many things, while making room for so many more. When I actually give it thought, it amazes me.

The most critical change has been that I have gone from reading and penning my thoughts for myself to sharing them on this blog instead. A novel concept when I started this time last year (May 24th marks my one year blog-versary) tinged with fear and doubt to now being able to say things knowing this group of people on here might critique me but never judge me. That’s a good feeling to have!

On that note, I’m going to make me some coffee and maybe sometime today I’ll have a piece of peanut brittle instead of nut fudge to honor the day. 😉


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