I got flipped

It was a fine Saturday morning as I was headed to pick my dogs up from boarding. It’s a drive to get to that place so I tried to call ahead to make sure they were bathed and ready before I drove out there. Besides I wanted to make sure I pick them up before noon so I don’t incur a full day’s charge. They must have been busy because both times I called, I got voicemail, so I finally ended up leaving them a message and hoping I wouldn’t have to kill time.

I was more than halfway there when they called back to say they were running late and could I pick them up an hour later. Hmm, an hour is a lot of time to kill when there is nothing to do and not enough time to get some retail therapy. So I did the next best thing – I decided to do some grocery shopping instead. This store was new to me and I got a little distracted looking at all the stuff they had on their shelves, which meant the next time I looked at the time, I was way over the one hour and mighty close to the noon no-charge time. Obviously now I was in a rush despite being on time in the first place!

I waited at a traffic light, wanting to make a left turn and wondering how the light I needed to make was always red. The light turned green except, the singular car ahead of me stayed where it was. By this time, all vehicles across the street were turning to their left, none headed straight so I wondered what the delay was. Out of courtesy I gave the driver a 5 second grace period and then tapped my horn just enough to get their attention. To my amazement, the driver raised their hand and then flipped me off. Not just a regular flipping the bird. They waved it around a bit almost teasing me so I tapped my horn another time. It was an open turn, it was a short green light and I needed to get where I was going fast!

Finally they moved and took the turn with me hot on their heels just as the light turned yellow. Now in addition to being late, I was also annoyed at being flipped. I couldn’t see who it was in the driver’s seat, someone short is all I could tell so I decided to pull up alongside to give them my “resting bitch face, evil eye”. Imagine my surprise when I pulled up only to notice that the occupants of the car were a really old couple….old as in 70 or more years old. The woman was at the wheel, gripping it with both hands and well, looking really cute doing it. Suddenly my annoyance just dissipated.

I guess she wasn’t too happy I was riding her tail and she told me that in no uncertain terms. I actually chuckled a little and was a little more lighthearted for the rest of my ride. Hey, when I am old and someone is tailgating me, maybe I can return the favor and with the same flair as my Saturday grandma!! 😀


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