Do you say “good luck”?

“Good Luck!” A quintessential phrase of our daily vocabulary especially when someone is trying to do something that needs a successful outcome, like an exam, a job interview, participating in a race, so on and so forth. It often rolls off our tongues so easily that it may not even really belong there. Like the other day when my friend was headed to the cafe and I inadvertently said “good luck”, to which I got the obvious questioning look. Luck should not be a factor for a meal. THAT is risky! 😀

Jokes apart though, often times we say “good luck” to people, with well meaning intentions and every once in a while you get an “oh, I don’t believe in luck” response, which to be honest, neither do I. I like to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst and that is exactly what I mean when I use that phrase. It’s a short and sweet version of that longer one.

On my drive home today I was listening to the radio, a staple when I am driving, and on came a commercial where the guy said “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”. How true and how succinct! It means the same thing as “hope for the best and prepare for the worst” but said differently and to the listener, maybe it sounds less trivial than just plain “good luck”. It’s not the preparation you’re doubting but the opportunity that you are hoping for.

Now had “I hope opportunity meets your preparation” not sounded so dramatic, I could have used it instead when I needed to, so while it actually makes the most sense, it will remain a written usage only. For all verbal intents and purposes, I’ve now officially switched to “Best Wishes” and that seems to be the less offensive “Happy Holidays” version of its evil twin. 😉


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