Just that word – “uninhibited” conjures up an image of freedom, a carefree existence of someone who can let their hair down, enjoy the moment and just…be. Young children and dogs are uninhibited. Children eventually grow up and realize they need to conform to certain societal standards, peer pressure and in general behave “properly”. They gradually become more aware and lose their carefree nature. Fortunately, dogs live in the moment their entire lives, oblivious to everything but their person and their surroundings. Dogs epitomize the word to the ‘T’ but if you’re lucky, every so often you come across a human, that might just be a pleasant surprise. I met one such person recently.

Usually drugs or copious amounts of alcohol can help lower the walls we build around ourselves. If I’m at the right place at the right time, I sometimes get to witness a certain someone letting go and just being. That is exactly what I was doing last week at this local bar we frequent. It had been a rather laborious week, so I wasn’t feeling very chatty as I occupied a chair at the bar and slowly sipped on my vodka tonic. Across from me sat a lady in pigtails. She was listening to something on her phone using her earbuds whilst leaning on the shoulder of the guy next to her. Every so often she would remove the bud from her ear, shove it into her guy friend’s ear, bend over the bar to look at his face and smile the widest smile.

She was inebriated and teetering perilously on the edge of her bar stool, except she had this happy smile on her face that only meant she was having a great time. Yes, she had attained the state of uninhibited-ness. I watched her unabashedly. She had a childlike carefree demeanor that appealed to me. Now I have a few times in my life been drunk enough to probably have achieved that state myself, especially based on stories recounted by people around me. Apparently I’m a happy drunk and a very amicable one, which amuses me because sober, I am a relatively quiet person. I’m not a loner but I am a definite introvert and while I don’t want any of my drunk shenanigans on video, what I would give to see me in that relaxed state. I’ve tried and failed at achieving it intentionally so I appreciate it a lot more when I can observe it in the third person.

I saw her again that following weekend as she was just walking in. She was sober but unlike me she wasn’t subdued. She came across as a genuinely happy, bubbly person. So maybe achieving reckless abandon, and I only mean it in the most positive connotation here, might be easy for her? I couldn’t help but walk up to her. We started talking and by the end of the night, we were good acquaintances. I love getting to know people like her that are in touch with themselves. They are usually the ones that don’t have a guile and are easy to get along with. She’s one of the regulars so I’m sure we’ll run into each other again. I’m hoping over time, we can get to know each other better and maybe some of her uninhibitedness will rub off on me too! 🙂


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