Do I want to time capsule?

I came across this the other day while watching a TV show. This odd reference to a “time capsule”. So I had to look it up because while I understood what was being done, I didn’t understand the why behind it. So I did what I do best when in doubt. I googled..yet again.

A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians.

Hmm, this brings to the question – what do I have to offer to anthropologists and historians that might even be of any value to them. I have no progeny of my own, so the option of passing this on to them does not exist. Who would really care what I leave behind, to be found 100s of years after I’m dead and gone. What would I even put in said capsule that tells people about me, of the time I lived in and what I might have achieved.

I look at what I have made of myself so far, what is going on in the world around me and I wonder what I should put in one if I decide to do it. I come up with a rather short list.

  1. A few pictures of me, my family, my dogs with a small autobiography.
  2. A list of all my cousins and nephews/nieces in the hopes that the finder can track them down and maybe pass on this meagre heritage to them.
  3. Posts from this blog. Maybe a few random musings, maybe a few stories, maybe even this one I’m writing now.
  4. A plastic bottle. Hopefully by the time they unearth this capsule, they will have rid this earth of the plastic pollution we’ve caused.
  5. A USB drive with a note about what it was used for. Like kids nowadays don’t know what a floppy disk is, a future generation might not recognize a USB drive either.
  6. A picture I took of a beach in Costa Rica with black sand and surfers on the horizon. Who knows if that will still be around in a 100 years.
  7. A picture of the neighborhood I live in.
  8. A small collection of my favorite recipes.
  9. My iPhone 4 (yes I still have it) to show them what my first smartphone looked like.
  10. My driver’s license?
  11. A picture of a forest and waterfalls and green grass. Again, who knows if that will be around.
  12. A little vial of my favorite perfume.
  13. My airline boarding passes for my trip to India.
  14. A personal check (voided obviously).
  15. Cash in various denominations.
  16. Ooh, a postcard size picture of the presidents I lived to see with a brief summary of their time.

There should be more but nothing comes to mind. I wish I could be a fly on the wall of whoever digs up my capsule to see what they think of the various knick knacks I’ve added in there for them to find, that is if I ever go through with the idea and if anyone ever stumbles across my box a 100 years from now. What would I do if I stumbled across someone else’s box? I hope whoever buried it lived a long and happy life. I hope they still have family living and thriving somewhere. I hope they left me hints on how to locate them so I can hand this off to them and see them light up with joy at having found something to connect them to their ancestors.



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