Emotional Reading Comes First

Reblogging: Emotional Reading Comes First

This is so true! Reading, imagining the characters in the stories, hearing the story being read to you with varying pitches and tones. Nothing grows a child’s mind and their emotional growth more. Love this blog.

A Teacher's Reflections

Reading-aloud is emotional in my classroom.  Thank goodness!  I belt it out, read with a voice, and stop to talk. I cry and laugh, and so do the children.  How best can children learn all that is really important?  With every picture story and chapter book I read I have a racing heart, because I have to read the words just like they were written by the author- with passion.

When I read Charlotte’s Web, children are drawn into every emotion; worried, sad, curious and more.  I am, too.  They love this book because it hits the heart.

Hits the heart.  That is the most fundamental component of character building. And character– the development of goodness and kindness, doing what is right, being brave and true and selfless–   is far more important than learning letters and numbers when children are young.  I do this with reading-aloud.


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