The art of gift giving

The holiday season fills me with cheer and dread. LOL yes, I know that’s an odd combination. Cheer because everything is so festive. There are lights and decorations throughout the city and in the northern parts of the US, even snow to make things look just pristine enough. Everyone is nice to one another, everyone is a little more helpful or a little more accommodating and forgiving. Except on Black Fridays! ūüėÄ There it is everyone for their own. So if everything is so joyous, why the Dread one may ask. The dread is because¬†it’s the time where gifts need to be given.

Now I love gifting¬†stuff to¬†people I care about, just on a regular basis – a box of chocolates here, a shirt there, maybe a meal instead. But holidays require some thought, to make it special and I hit analysis paralysis mode every year! When I do something for others just because, there is no stress involved. But when I’m bound by the season, I shudder. How does one gift something that usurps¬†what one gave the last year and yet keep it simple. I absolutely hate expensive gifts. Giving them and worse yet receiving them. They introduce an element of obligation I’d much rather not deal with. Not to mention the fact that there is a good chance the recipient might end up not liking my gift¬†anyway and exchange it. Hurt feelings, argh!

For years I got creative and then wondered if they liked what I gave them but was too chicken to ask. Not like they would tell me they didn’t. But the last few years, I’ve backed off. I will gift people what I know they will like because they like it throughout the year. And I know they will appreciate it enough to not let it go waste. Last year I gifted my boss a Starbucks gift card. Sounds boring but she practically lives there and it was gone in a week! I gifted another friend a gift card to a crafts store because she loves making gifts that she will then turn around and gift to other people. Another friend got a book about crockpot recipes. She had bought herself a new crockpot and was dying to try it. Took some serious research to find one, because she is a serious cook and a finicky one! Now a happy one Thank God!

Which brings me to this year.¬†It’s mostly the same set of people with maybe a couple more additions. This year instead of buying, I’d like to make something for them. Not sure what yet. It might be a one-for-all theme or something different for each. I need to start my “hunting and gathering” soon which means I need to figure out what I want to make. And that is what is causing the dread to set in. Some people are natural gifters! My mom is one such person. I guess she didn’t pass that gene onto me. So I will be picking her brain shamelessly. Oh andPinterest.

Time’s aticking!



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