Reblogging: Why buy ugly?

I have to say, I’ve thought this exact same thing all these years! Growing up my mom bought fruits and veggies off the street-side hawker. Every so often we would go into a fancy air-conditioned grocery store and buy apples or guava wrapped in mesh made of styrofoam to prevent bruising. Imagine my surprise when it tasted exactly like the not-as-pretty stuff we bought for half the price from the hawker. I get that food plated at restaurants has to have a certain elegance but while we eat with our eyes, as long as it tastes great and is not slopped onto the plate, it doesn’t have to be pixel perfect either.

According to National Geographic, about one-third of all global food production goes to waste. Even more staggering, nearly two-thirds of that waste is caused neither by drought, poor refrigeration nor insects, but rather results from the way the food looks. That means that “an estimated six billion pounds of fruits and vegetables are wasted every […]

via Why Buy Ugly? — The Thrifty Gourmand


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