My bout of sleeplessness

Now I wish I lived in Seattle because then I could have called this post “Sleepless in Seattle”. Yes that would be a little cheesy but I suck at titles anyway, especially ones that can crisply and concisely portray what my post is about. Maybe it’s my subconscious ploy to make the reader read the article to get what the heck I am talking about. 🙂 Anyway, I digress.

So sleeplessness is an unusual topic for me to write about, especially because sleep has never been an issue for me. When I sleep, I am dead to the world. Someone would literally need to light a fire under me to wake me up! In the past, when people told me they couldn’t sleep the night before they were traveling because they were stressed, I found it odd. That’s when I slept the soundest because I figured I might not sleep well on the journey and needed to make sure my body was well rested. And yet, here I am blogging about my lack of sleep the last few weeks. While I haven’t reached the owl (dark circles under eyes) phase yet, my sleep has been fitful and plagued with odd dreams that I cannot recall after I’m awake. It also means my eyes are ready to shut at odd times during the day AND I’ve begun to nap on weekends to make up for lost hours. Napping to me is a crime bar none! Burning daylight is a horror to me but right now, I must succumb.

In order to right my slumber status, I decided to turn yet again to my faithful friend – Google. Amazing how much information you can find when you don’t know exactly how to word what you want to ask. What’s more amazing is, when I told my friends about the natural remedies Google recommended, they looked at me odd, as if they assumed I had already tried all these. Well, I’ve now officially been indoctrinated into the insomnia club.

Couple hours of Google time and I am now armed with maybe half a dozen remedies for insomnia or in my case, fitful sleep.

  1. Do yoga stretches 30 minutes before bed. It is supposed to relax your mind and body and help you fall sleep faster. What’s even better is you can do these while IN bed.
  2. Drink warm milk or hot chamomile, peppermint tea. This is supposed to calm you down and help you settle in for a good night’s sleep.
  3. Mix one tbsp honey with 1/2 tsp nutmeg, hold under your tongue and let it dissolve naturally. Nutmeg has properties that induce sleep.
  4. Sink into a warm bath, add some aromatherapy salts if you have them.
  5. Meditate for 15 minutes before bedtime.
  6. Apply lavender oil to the underside of your pillow or pillow case.
  7. Use sleeping aids like Melatonin or Valerian to assist the body.

The two that had me chuckling were –

  1. Eat carbs 15 minutes before you’re ready to go to bed. The Tryptophan is supposed to induce sleep. Considering I’m trying to stay away from carbs during my waking hours, this is out!
  2. Read a chapter or a book. This will be a serious fail since reading any good book will mean I will be up all night. Defeats the purpose. Unless maybe I find a book on Physics? Hmmmm.

I don’t have the patience to wait on a tub to fill up to have a bath and I cannot meditate to save my life…yet, so that leaves me 4 options. Tonight I will be starting with the yoga option and then working down the list. I’m hoping to stay away from option 7 on there too, lest I get attached to it. Hope one of these helps kick-start my sleep cycle else I will be resorting to more Googling! On that note, I feel a nap coming on. If my remedies work, soon I shall no longer burn daylight and resort to more fruitful activities like blogging or being out in this beautiful weather!


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