A lull…

I haven’t been posting as much these past couple of weeks. Partly it has been because I’ve been crazy busy with work, with life and Hugo, my 7 year old Shepherd, who decided to go get himself an aural hematoma (rolling eyes here). But for the most part it has been because most of what I write about comes from real life – my observations, experiences, stuff I read. Lately all I’ve read in the news involves political pissing contests and mindless killings. Although I have in the past blogged about some of these topics, making them the mainstay of my blog is not something I care for. Also suffering from the “too much to do and not enough time” syndrome, I haven’t been reading my regular quota of books or other articles. I have instead resorted to the lazy pursuits like listening to music on my Pandora app or listening to podcasts. Until yesterday….

Yesterday I was running about doing stuff around the house as is the Saturday routine before heading out for Hu’s vet visit. I had my hands full literally and figuratively and for some reason, I also had my phone in hand. For a brief moment I thought, this would be the time if any when my phone will slip out of my hand and fall. Boy, I must be good because 3 seconds after that thought entered my mind, my phone slipped right out of my hand. It’s not the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last so I didn’t think much of it.

Later as I was getting ready to shower, I started up the water and my ever reliable Pandora. Silence. At first I thought it was buffering – the wifi in the bathroom can be iffy sometimes. But a whole minute in, I started to have a WTF moment. So I dried my hands off and grabbed the phone off the ledge. Pandora WAS playing except there was no sound! Dang, the fall probably did something. I figured a reboot would fix this but I was running late. Long story short, 3 hours and several creative attempts later, there was still dead silence. Now I had hit mild panic mode. I had already weaned off news as a method of self insulation and was heavily relying on my phone to deliver content of choice. If my phone died too, I would be plunged into a world of “maun” or silence.

Oddly, the first thought that popped was – How will I survive without these audio aids?? My second thought was – No music and no blog feels like sheer isolation. I need to start reblogging. And oddly my third and what I would have expected my first thought to be was – I need to have my phone looked at. I had to chuckle. My digital detox has morphed into another obsession instead. Either way, I realized that I would need to possibly look for other stimuli for my blog topics and yes, get my phone fixed.

So thanks to my 3 hours of silence, I’m now armed with 5 topics to write about. Even at 1 blog a day, I’m going to be able to resurrect this fulfilling activity. Now all I need to figure out is time management. That starts with my decision to write this blog at 6 am on a Sunday morning as sleep evades me. So after trying for 20 minutes in vain, I gave up and headed to the kitchen for some hot java and a quick post. Necessity is indeed the Mother of invention! 🙂



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