Human lives matter…period!

I’m not one to judge people’s views on life, for the most part. I may not agree with them all the time but again, to each his own right? I try not to use this blog to impose my opinions, beliefs or misgivings on anyone either but today I needed to express myself, even if to just get it out of my system. It saddens me to see how little regard humans now have for other human lives. Killing bad people in video games has officially transcended into killing real, and possibly innocent people in real life. Every day the news has an article on gun violence or innocent deaths. How much do we hate each other to think it is ok to take a life to justify the cause?

I realize that world peace is a myth, there will always be bad apples…someone in power trying to rule the world, or create a Utopia of their design or simply someone with a chemical imbalance. There will always be terrorism, there will always be weapons. But what once used to be an intermittent occurrence has now turned into the norm, and that too over issues that might have otherwise just incited heated arguments and broken ties. Instead we’re dealing with deaths. When did we decide it was our duty to police other humans on what is right or wrong or socially acceptable?

Death by terrorism is bad enough. Taking innocent lives in the name of religion is fanatic enough. But when did killing over the color of your skin or your sexual orientation or the length of your skirt become appropriate? When did gunning down kids in schools and people in malls just because you’re depressed become “the thing”?

The deaths at the gay club in Orlando, FL and now the cop killings in Dallas, TX. Is this really justified? Did these people need to die? What will trigger something like this the next time? The fact that you prefer fish over steak? Is that punishable by death too? I know this sounds like a mad rant and yes, I am beyond affected by how little thought is given to taking a life. These people have families that love them, depend on them, maybe older parents that need them? Maybe they were working in a hospital saving lives before their own was so brutally ended.

There are ways to fight terrorism and fight it effectively. It requires strategy, a unity among the population that is affected by it. How then do we achieve this when the population itself is divided. How do we fight this plague? How does one get developed countries to see beyond racism? How does one get people to understand that the person next to them in the subway or ahead of them in the line at a food court is just that, another person, like them.

Maybe Nostradamus didn’t know what he was talking about. Maybe the end of the world will be brought on by people wiping out their own race and not by flooding or a celestial body crashing into the earth. Mahatma Gandhi said “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” Death by self-destruction. It sounds bleak because it is. Do I brace myself or do I pray for a miracle?



5 thoughts on “Human lives matter…period!

  1. It’s really a sad state of affairs. Reasons for killings are varied and deep rooted in the evaluation of socioeconomic structures across the globe. It takes generations to make any meaningful transformations. All we can do is be an agent of positivity and peace, anytime we touch another life.

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    1. Well put. All these reasons have been around for decades if not centuries so they are deep rooted. It’s just how people today choose to deal with them as opposed to the ones in the previous generations. I’m still oddly optimistic that we as a race will rally eventually but when incidents like this happen regularly, it starts to add doubts. Today at the yoga studio I was at, one of the yogis had a mat that read “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I’m going to try to be less cynical and maybe that will rub off on a few more. Thank you for your positive words! 🙂

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