Hmm, so what do I say?


I’m going to start by saying, I think I now know what a writer’s block feels like. Heck I’m not even a writer. I blog….is that even a verb? But since what I do is write my own blog and my stories are not really connected to each other unlike a novel or book, there is no good reason for me to experience a “writer’s block”. Yet here I am wondering what my topic today should be. I feel like I need to write something because this is the one daily ritual I actually look forward to but nothing comes to mind.

Today was a normal Sunday, nothing eventful. Did some chores, texted some friends, listened to Arctic Monkeys (a lot…I like their style of music), shopped for groceries and took a nap because it was calling my name. It’s overcast here which always does wonders for my mood (insert sarcasm font)! I feel like there is something looming on the horizon except I have no clue what that is. Boy it is fun waiting for something to happen. In the meanwhile, I have a blog to write and nothing to write about.

I did promise to write about meditation and I will have to do a fuller blog about it when I can actually successfully complete a meditation session. I tried yesterday and today and failed miserably. Tried ujayyi breathing, tried staring at alphabets, tried mantras….zilch! I close my eyes and my mind goes into overdrive! If I didn’t know better I’d think I had ADD. The meditation expert made it look so easy….I actually meditated there for the first time ever so I know I can do it. She said when you mind starts to wander, bring it back into focus. Hmm, it is wandering faster than I can spell that word. The neurons be firing yo!

So anyway, not much to say today except ramble…maybe tomorrow will be a better day. It is Monday and usually I have a story or two to tell by then. 🙂 I’m going to go listen to some Beethoven quartets and see if they help me any. Ciao for now!


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