Hu! Drop it now!!

It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. I’m sitting out on the back porch sipping my cuppa joe, listening to the birds chirp, watching Hugo, my dog go about his business. Everything feels just right. The perfect pace to start the weekend.

Just as I am starting to drift off into a morning trance as I usually do when I am trying to unwind (this is as close as I have come to meditation until last night…that’s my next blog), I see out of the corner of my right eye, something dart towards the far end of the fence. Looks like a squirrel. I chuckle as I realize Hu is right where it is headed. Now Hu is 7 years old. While he has given quite a few squirrels a run for their money, he has never caught one….until today. I remember watching it unfold almost in slow motion. The squirrel (I’m going to assume it was a “he” and call him Jerry) ran straight towards Hu, who raised his head from smelling something on the ground and in one fell swoop scooped Jerry off the ground!

Stunned I watched him lift Jerry off, white belly exposed to the sun, tiny feet flailing, making loud squeaky sounds and wiggling like his life depended on it and well to be honest, it did! 🙂 Hu starts to shake his head from side to side like I’ve seen him do a million times with his stuffed toys. He is going in for the kill. What do I do??!! I’m fascinated by this, yet the screams of the little creature make me want to save it. Before I can stop myself, I yell “Hu! Drop it now! That’s gross!!” He looks at me with this “Oh you’ve got to be kidding me!” look and I can actually see him contemplating disobedience. Now mind you, Hu is a very independent minded dog and I’ve never been able to call him off a squirrel before, so I am totally prepared for complete and utter insubordination. Imagine my surprise when he actually drops Jerry and gives me the “You have no idea what you’ve made me give up” look. Aw sorry kid, I couldn’t handling the squirrel screams.

Jerry knew not to challenge fate. The minute his feet hit solid ground, he took off to the farthest corner of the fence and disappeared. He would have put Usain Bolt to shame! I told myself this was for the best.  Who knows what diseases that perfectly healthy looking, little-on-the-chunky-side squirrel was harboring! My dog is safe! Hu looked inconsolable. He reluctantly trotted over to his water bowl and drank some and then plopped down with a huge sigh….clearly not hiding his disdain over my impulsive decision making skills. I called him but he wouldn’t even look my way. Now I’m sulking too….it’s just a squirrel and there’ll be many more opportunities, no?

Some time goes by and Hu ambles over to the same spot he was before this episode. It’s like deja vu! I look up and another squirrel is headed right at Hu! Twice in one day?! Umm, maybe this is God telling me to butt out this time. I’m complying, almost cheering from the sidelines. Now if I only had pompoms!

This time however, Hu doesn’t get so lucky and the squirrel scoots past unscathed! Sorry bud, next time if ever there is one. Oddly all the squirrels on our property have suddenly gone MIA! I bet Jerry is in some squirrel ICU right now while his friend is in some squirrel bar recounting their story of how they almost died at the hands of a ferocious black German Shepherd and how they bravely fended him off and lived to tell the story. Until next time suckers!! Time to fill up the bird feeders y’all like to mooch off of. I’m rooting for you Hu!


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