Sex…more than just a 3-letter word

S-E-X….a 3-letter word whispered furtively by giggly teenagers, an act of passion between lovers or sometimes a one night stand meant to provide some much needed solace. Primal is the word that comes to mind. It provides that oxytocin high that makes you believe anything can be achieved and everything can be fixed! It’s the most loaded 3-letter word in the dictionary. We need to learn to respect it, enjoy it and give it the place it needs in our lives.

Over the ages, different cultures have had varied approaches to sex. In the ancient Roman times, sex while not something you flaunted publicly was also not as restricted. For example, household sex wasn’t limited to married couples. Slaves could also engage in intercourse with their masters. While this behavior was perfectly natural for the Romans, it was perceived as downright outrageous by the Christianity influenced western culture. Then there’s India with it’s own share of veritable sexual history ranging from the Khajuraho monuments of Madhya Pradesh to KamaSutra, the ancient Hindu text outlining the pleasures of human sexuality.

With religious restrictions and social norms however has evolved a puritan mentality that threatens to destroy this enjoyment. From these narrow minded souls has arisen another popular dictionary word – infidelity. Psychology now classifies this into two categories – physical infidelity which involves sex with someone other than your partner and emotional infidelity where there is no sex and hence apparently less guilt, but an emotional bonding with someone other than your partner or spouse. While being unfaithful reeks of more than just emotional or sexual inadequacy, challenging the act of passion in general achieves no results.

Lately, books that herald sex as the ultimate pleasurable activity have been locked away in dark recesses and replaced instead by books on how to tell if your spouse is cheating or 10 things to do to keep your man/woman. Fortunately there is yet hope! There are pockets of individuals challenging these old timey beliefs and bringing back the erotica. So take a page from their book, go buy yourself some sexy lingerie and let the oxytocin high commence!





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