Onward and upward

I realize my posts these past few days have been all over the place…vacillating is the word that comes to mind. Maybe I should re-categorize my blog as Daily Ramblings instead of Daily Musings. Maybe I have hit a mid-life crisis on an emotional scale? Except I’m not at mid-life yet and there is definitely no looming crisis. So what is this phase I’m experiencing? Feels so much like 2 steps forward, 1 step back. To find answers, I decided to follow my own mantra – When in doubt….google!

I began reading articles about this suspended state I’m in to see what can be done to break out of it. I can see that I have the potential to achieve something bigger and better but it is just out of reach like in the movies where you’re being grabbed by a serial killer and the knife or gun to save yourself with is just 2 inches from your arm’s maximum reach! Argh!! Très frustrant! Anyway, I digress.

So as I’m trolling the internet for the solution to my problem, I chance upon this one blog about how to make continual progress in life. The author is pursuing a PhD in Psychology. His blog sang to me! The clarity with which he outlines why we go through phases of self doubt and self amelioration is astounding! He draws parallels between a human going through transition to a lobster jettisoning its old shell and building a new one. Once done, the new shell may not resemble the old one and the new lobster may not be immediately recognizable by its other lobster friends and family. That line made me chuckle. 🙂 The lobster apparently does this several times over the span of it’s life as it grows and evolves and needs a bigger shell. Humans emulate the same albeit a little more subtly. There is no immediate shedding of the epidermis thank God! With each progression however, we face the necessity to let go of everything that is no longer relevant from the past to make room for what the immediate future holds.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” – YODA

While I CANNOT believe I just quoted a Star Wars character (ay dios mio!!), it resonates with the universal theme. If you’ve hit that wall, be it with a job or a relationship or anything else that’s holding you back, let it go along with the fear of losing it. Either it has served its purpose or it just wasn’t the right time for it. If it’s due to you, it will boomerang back.

Back to the lobster analogy. Right now I’m going through this transitional state of shedding my shell. Now while I’m not thrilled at the thought of being compared to a naked lobster, I cannot ignore how the central theme of this whole conundrum is that change is the only constant in life. Opening doors to new possibilities, throwing caution to the wind and embracing whatever new experiences life sends your way, is the only sure fire way to grow. It’s the only sure fire way to make sure you don’t box yourself in and spiral into a endless stagnant loop. Am I getting repetitive just yet?

So I mull over how I want to build the new me. What will this new chapter bring? How do I influence it so it allows me to grow at my pace and doesn’t overwhelm me? How do I know when next to shed my shell? Step 1 of my transition was starting this blog. Writing has always been how I deal with life. This time I took an extra step and put it out there for the world to see. Step 2, I’m going to reinvent myself in my professional life. Step 3….hmm, it’ll come to me. Slowly but surely I’m building my newer and better shell only to shed it again in lieu of another better one. I may have to take up meditation to moderate my breathing so panic doesn’t set in (LOL) but by Jove, I’m going to make it and make it again!


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