Pen to paper

This here is my first blog….my foray into the world where what I write is no longer just mine. It’s out there for anyone to find, read and maybe identify with or disagree. Yes, there’s of course that initial trepidation – do I open myself up to a world of strangers? Oh, what the hell – nothing ventured nothing gained, right?

A person very dear to me said I should write. You have a gift….use it. This first one is dedicated to you! So many thoughts come to mind. How do I condense it all into one entry. Hopefully this gets better with time. 🙂

The last few months of my life have been the most rewarding and also the most trying. I’ve learned and grown a lot. I’m definitely wiser, calmer and have discovered a side to me I never knew existed. The new me is one I like a lot.

So, what direction do I see this blog taking? Most of it will be daily musings, observations about the world we live in and life in general, interspersed with stories from my personal life (names will be changed to protect identities – you know who you are). I’m also an avid cook, a diehard epicure and absolutely love travel so I see a lot of those references making it into my blog too. I expect this to be a journey albeit a long one (like the long winding tree-lined roads that feed my soul), sometimes serious, sometimes quirky, mostly entertaining and always revealing. Everyone’s welcome to join me on this journey but no negativity please.

Alright, here I go!


2 thoughts on “Pen to paper

  1. While I may not share your passion for a saree, your writing has a cachet that will have me visit your blog as often as I can. Look forward to more!

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